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Privacy Policy 

In accordance with Italian law, act 196/2003 (Code governing the protection of personal data), the treatment of your personal data (email address in the mailing list) is accomplished by electronic means for purposes strictly connected with the diffusion of free information bulletins. The treatment does not encompass communication to third parties or diffusion. The only owner of the processing of personal data will be Fun Stuff A.s.d, Via Pericle, 5 - 20126 Milano (MI) - Italia. (email: info@bubblefootball-italia.it). to whom you may exercise your rights as stated in art. 7, act 196/2003. The cancelation from the newsletter can be done at any time by writing at info@bubblefootball-italia.it.

Use of the Website Contents 

All the contents (texts, images, softwares and any other audiovisual material) featured on this website (the "Contents") are protected by copyright laws and by the other national and international provision regarding the protection of intellectual and industrial property.

All the rights on the Contents are held by Fun Stuff A.s.d or by third parts that have provided them. Any use of the Contents by unauthorised subjects is explicitly forbidden, excepted for provisions specified under the following paragraph.

Authorised use 

The use of the Contents by third parts is authorised for teaching, educational, research, critical and journalistic purposes, excluding any commercial purpose or economic exploitation.

In case Contents are reproduced, the source of the material and the wording "© Bubble Football Italia" have to be indicated.

Unauthorised commercial publications or exploitation of the Contents is expressly forbidden. Anyone wishing to use the Content for reasons different from the ones detailed above must request and receive written permission to that effect from the Foundation. Permissions will be granted at Fun Stuff A.s.d. discretion.

For further information please contact info@bubblefootball-italia.it. All data and material contained in this website may be used solely for personal purposes.
In the event of unauthorised use, Bubble Football Italia reserves the right to take legal action to safeguard its rights.


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This website uses technical, navigation, analytics and third party cookies. The website is owned by Fun Stuff A.s.d. The use of cookies on this website is in compliance with Italian law, act 196/2003 (Code governing the protection of personal data).


2.1. Cookies that do not require consent Technical cookies do not require consent from the user and are automatically installed when accessing the website. Analytical cookies are directly employed by the website to measure aggregated statistical records on the website’s visits. These cookies last 10 years.   2.2. Cookies that require consent All the other types of cookies are installed and employed only upon explicit consent from the user during his first access to the website. The consent can be express in general or by selecting specific options.   3. Cookies treated by third-parties Following are listed some third-party websites that install cookies on the user’s device during the navigation on the present website, together with information on their privacy policies. The closing of the present webpage does not imply a cessation of consent.


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